The vineyards in Bas Armagnac

Vineyards in Bas Armagnac, ideally located, perfectly exposed
To produce a unique Bas-Armagnac, you need a unique terroir.
In a region know worldwide for its wine production, Baron de Sigognac has chosen excellence : whether concerning the soil or the grape variety, the house of Sigognac selects its fruity and slightly acidic wines, the only ones that during distillation will give the Sigognac Armagnacs this character that is together both soft and powerful in aromas.

Great terroir, fresh and naturally vinified wines: even before the magic of distillation, the base product at Sigognac is already inimitable.

Scarce in this profession, the harvest of each parcel is preserved, vinified and distilled separately.

Traceability is an integral part of the house values.


Only top quality grapes are kept for Armagnac Sigognac

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