Producer of Armagnac

Les assemblages traditionnels Sigognac sont élégants et expressifs

Expressive blends

The Sigognac Armagnacs in the traditional range are offered in a simple and elegant presentation; they receive optimum care from the distillation to the bottling: from the Vs up to the 10 year old, they are high class products

Les Armagnac Sigognac premium sont embouteillés dans des packaging élégant et chics.

The premium Sigognac Armagnacs

The premium Sigognac Armagnacs are of very high taste quality. On top of this, the quality of the packaging all prepared manually, makes them the perfect prestigious gifts that are elegant and chic

Les Armagnac Sigognac premium sont embouteillés dans des packaging élégants et chics.

Vintage Armagnacs

The Sigognac vintages make up an exceptional collection of rare eaux-de-vie, fine in the mouth and intense in aromas. All bottles are prepared exclusively to order which allows for a vintage to carry on maturing until the last moment. The bottling date is indicated on the back of each bottle.

Les plus rares des Armagnacs Sigognac sont aussi proposés dans des flaconnages spéciaux.

Custom made Armagnacs

Baron de Sigognac offers a great variety of beautiful bottles and carafes, and a large choice of different capacities. Sigognac also offers several different ways of personalisation adapted to every customer’s wishes.

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