The Distillery

 The Sigognac master distiller monitors the quality and the quantity of the Armagnac just distilled

The Baron de Sigognac distillery is a traditional one.

It is located on the north wing of the main cellar, an old imposing building in the very heart of the vineyard.
At Sigognac, the distillery is primarily the place where the secrecy of the house know-how holds an uttermost importance.

 The distillation is this magic moment when the entirely natural wines give birth to the sublime Sigognac Armagnacs.

As soon as it is distilled, the Baron de Sigognac Armagnac is already unique and high class.
At this point, it is instantly placed in new oak barrels!


 Made of copper and bronze, the Armagnac still is very famous for the finesse of the spirits it distills

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