Armagnac Know-how and tradition

An independent family-owned house

 Heir of many centuries of savoir-faire and tradition: the Sigognac house is one of the oldest one of Armagnac.

Authenticity in Armagnac

Authenticity as a key value

A rarity in the business, B. de Sigognac owns its vineyards, its distillery, its ageing cellars and is bottling all its production.

Exceptional vintages in Armagnac cellar

An exceptional ageing cellar

Every single year, Baron de Sigognac takes care of keeping few casks for a very long “ageing”. Years after years the house got an official cellar which is unique and exceptional with at least some 1000 casks of vintages.

Production secrets

Production secrets

Years after years, B. de Sigognac became a reference for the quality in Armagnac such as a moral authority for the production of vintages.

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baron de sigognac - 8 rue d'Artagnan - 32 440 Castelnau d'Auzan - France - Tél +33 (0)5 62 29 26 49
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